Webasto signs MoU with sensor cleaning developer for its roof sensor module

Actasys, a developer of sensor cleaning systems, has signed an MoU with global Tier 1 supplier Webasto Group. This is the first step in a partnership to ensure the functionality of Webasto’s roof sensor module (RSM) for ADAS and AV applications, under all weather and environmental conditions through the integration of Actasys’s cleaning system.

“Maintaining the visual clarity of sensors when they are exposed to adverse weather conditions is essential to enabling safe and optimal operation of every vehicle with an assisted driving system,” said Actasys CEO Miles Flamenbaum.

“Sensor cleaning is a relatively new field with rapidly growing demand due to ‘sensorfication’– increasing reliance on sensors. Actasys has developed a deep understanding of sensor cleaning, with tools and data to develop industry standards, and provides ActaJet as a unique solution. As a result of this exciting partnership, we will implement our vision for sensor cleaning with Webasto’s RSM to solve critical problems faced by automotive OEMs.”

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