Air Force

With Actasys, powerful air-jet actuators combine with data smarts to deliver the sensor efficiencies
required for ADAS and the autonomous vehicle revolution.

Beyond Clean, to Smart

Actasys hardware maintains the conditions sensors need to function, while our software services yield the insights and analytics that reduce costs and give you peace of mind.

Actuator: Ensuring Clear Vision

A 3mm thick disk, our ActaJet™ device propels high-speed jets of air, water, and heat. 

●Energy-Rich While Energy-Efficient: Rather than a steady current, the ActaJet™ generates a highly-vortical and energetic oscillating air-jet structure, extremely effective for creating shear forces across surfaces, enhancing air-mixing, and manipulating boundary layers.

Light and Easy to Integrate: No pipes. No tubes. With just an electrical connection, ActaJet’s™ compact design makes for seamless integration. Plus, our air jet can be easily adjusted according to specific packaging constraints, allowing for integration flexibility cross-vehicle.

●Innovative Yet Simple – Relying on two piezoelectric-driven membranes without any moving parts, our actuator’s architecture is elegant, delivering mechanic simplicity for cutting edge results.

●Electric, Data-Driven Device – Actuator settings can be pre-programmed and condition-responsive, allowing services to be tailored to on-the-ground realities.

Electronic Driver: Making Air Smart

Paired with every ActaJet™, our electronic drivers control the entire array of actuators positioned across the vehicle, providing full visibility of sensor status and functionality.

Hyper Local: Responding to sensor-specific conditions, each driver delivers unique commands to its actuator pair based on functionality needs, real-time sensor status, and location on the vehicle, while monitoring sensor functionality and performance. Vehicle sensors are kept clean, and any impaired functionalities are immediately flagged.

All Eyes on Deck: By gathering and assessing the data generated by the actuators, each electronic driver channels crucial insights about sensor status and alignment for vehicle-wide monitoring and real-time need response.

Camera Cleaning

 Actasys’ camera cleaning solutions for Rear and Front Cameras are energy efficient both on power and water consumption. Using the ActaJet to enhance water spray and to synchronize water and air cleaning not only improves cleaning performance, but also reduces total water consumption and in-line pressure, leading to smaller water tank and simpler water pumps.  

LiDAR Cleaning

LiDAR detection capability is limited under adverse weather conditions. Whether on the roof, front bumper, side, or rear locations, we provide cleaning solutions to enable visibility to various LiDAR types.

Software & Data Analytics

Our OLA™ software solutions use Machine Learning algorithms for video analytics to detect visibility blockage, exterior surface coating degradation, optical aperture integrity and other aspects critical to visibility. Our software solutions capture and process sensor visibility and thermal stability data to determine sensor status and provide to customers insights valuable for design, operational, and maintenance optimization.

Thermal Management

Whether caused by the sensor itself or its surrounding environment, overheating is detrimental to sensor functionality. In addition to cleaning, ActaJet’s™ airstream cools sensors, batteries and other sensitive electronics on-demand, safeguarding sensor detection performance and limiting perception stack processing power degradation.


Setting the standard: How Clean is clean?

Actasys is a pioneer in sensor cleaning and monitoring technologies. In order to test and evaluate our novel solutions, our R&D processes have revolutionized assessment metrics, computational modeling, and lab and real-world testing tools that define cleaning requirements and evaluate sensor visibility functionality – standards which are helping our customers with decision making across development processes from design to real-world platform validation.

Real world testing

The Actasys real-world driving platform enables sensor-degradation efficiency testing while simulating real-world driving. Using a proprietary Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and program, we automate tests by controlling simulated on-vehicle weather conditions, operate sensors and cleaning systems, and capture sensor degradation databases for the purposes of training and establishing a degradation profile.

unique knowledge

To support cross-industry efforts to improve mobility safety, Actasys actively engages with advocacy, policy, regulatory, and standard setting organizations, leveraging our unique knowledge to elevate thought framework development for the establishment of industry-wide best practices.