To ensure sensor functionality,
the first step is ActaSys

The holistic approach to autonomous sensor health, functionality, and predictive maintenance

Advanced autonomous sensors
require holistic care solutions

To achieve true safety and deep market adoption of ADAS and autonomous features, we must have confidence that advanced optic sensors are fully operational. ActaSys is the first to offer a holistic approach to sensor function through custom-design harward/software solutions that ensure every sensor is functioning independently and in alignment.

Visibility Enablement

A dirty sensor doesn’t work. Our proprietary, electronically controlled ActaJet™ device ensures all sensors remain free of dust, snow, ice, mud, and more. ActaJet’s™ array of small actuator cartridges emit a strong air jet to clean sensor surfaces and ensure visibility under any weather and environmental conditions.

Thermal Maintenance

Whether generated by the vehicle or externally, high temperatures can hobble any sensor. Our performance enhancing capabilities manage thermal performance for the full perception stack, ensuring vehicle sensors remain within their operational boundaries and maximizing their usable lifespan at optimal cost.


Sensor Alignment

A sensor that is out of position provides faulty data. We verify sensor positioning and calibration support, and alert the vehicle to any misalignment.

Smart Servicing

Sensor servicing can be complex and costly. We provide the health monitoring and predictive diagnostics analytics you need – including sensor/ADAS diagnostics for predictive maintenance, and real-time ADAS adjustments to road and weather conditions – so you avoid surprises and stay on schedule.