Sight & Insight for Total Visibility

The game-changing hardware/software solution for sensor functionality and peace of mind.

It doesn’t matter how advanced your sensors are:
if they can’t see, are overheated, or misaligned, they can’t sense.

The future of mobility is 100% dependent on smart, digital, and sensor-based capabilities to deliver real-time, high-quality, data-based understanding of the vehicle’s surroundings. ActaSys delivers the conditions that sensors require to function while providing the knowledge needed to optimize sensor design, operation, and maintenance processes now, and down the road.

ActaSys Sensor-Cradle™

With Vision Comes Insight

Paired with each sensor around the vehicle, our Sensor-Cradles are uniquely positioned for individual sensor nurturing and real-time health monitoring.

Operational Peace of Mind

On-Demand Cleaning – Built from the bottom up for autonomous sensor cleaning, our patented ActaJet device assesses sensor cleanliness and executes cleaning functions when needed, ensuring sensors remain free of dust, snow, ice, mud, insects, and more under any weather and environmental condition.

Thermal Stability Enforcement – Whether generated by the vehicle or externally, a sensor exposed to high temperatures won’t function. Our Sensor-Cradle’s cooling capabilities regulate sensor temperatures so they remain within their operational boundaries.

Sensor Alignment Assurance
– A sensor that is out of position provides faulty data. Our Sensor-Cradles continuously monitor cross-vehicle sensor alignment to verify positioning and alert the vehicle to any irregularities.

ActaSys Sensor Nerve-Center™

With Insight Comes Wisdom

Our Nerve-Center processes all the data generated by Sensor-Cradles to deliver knowledge and diagnostic insight for design, operational, and maintenance optimization, helping to ensure continued sensor performance and to reduce lifecycle and servicing costs.

Vital Insight for Fleets

Servicing Optimization: Leverage fleet-wide insights into sensor health and performance towards predictive maintenance.

Downtime Mitigation: Stay up and running. Gain the telematics data needed for optimized scheduling.

Cross-Fleet Sensor Analytics: Big data delivers. Make informed decisions by better understanding sensor performance cross-fleet, at scale.