Automotive sensors are exposed to a multitude of internal and external conditions that threaten functionality. To ensure both day-to-day and long-term performance, Actasys services critical sensor needs on-demand while providing long-term health maintenance and monitoring.

Sensor Visibility – A dirty sensor doesn’t work. We ensure all sensors remain free of dust, snow, ice, mud and more to safeguard visibility under any weather and environmental condition.  

Thermal Stability – Whether generated by the vehicle or externally, a sensor exposed to high temperatures won’t function. Our cooling capabilities regulate sensor temperatures so they remain within their operational boundaries. 

Sensor Alignment – A sensor that is out of position provides faulty data. We verify sensor positioning and alert the vehicle to any misalignment.  

Smart Servicing – Sensor servicing can be complex and costly. We provide the health monitoring and predictive diagnostic analytics you need to avoid surprises and stay on schedule. 


Make sure your sensor-dependent vehicles stay safe by incorporating our technological insight and capabilities into your unique sensor suite design through deep collaboration.

Tier 1s

Lean on our unique technology and specialized supply chain to deliver customers cost-effective solutions that support future safety requirements.

Sensor Companies

Whether you make LiDARs, cameras, or radars, there’s no better way to optimize your design than to use our on-vehicle, real-world sensor performance data sets.

smart city

Cameras play a key role in city management. Vision sensors such as security cameras to improve urban safety, and cameras and LiDARs for traffic monitoring, rely on efficient sensor cleaning that doesn’t require in-situ cleaning. Actasys solutions provide hassle-free solutions robust enough to operate for years without servicing, with built-in capabilities for diagnostics, predictive maintenance, remote access, and over the air (OTA) upgrades.

Industry 4.0

Smart factories rely more and more on vision sensors such as cameras and LiDARs for automated manufacturing lines. These sensors are used for monitoring and decision making to maximize quality and production output, leading to greater profitability. Our sensor solutions enable visibility and thermal stability in challenging manufacturing environments, where heat, dust, and other conditions degrade sensor functionality.