Actasys and Wideye set a new standard for high-performance automotive vision sensor cleaning packages

Brooklyn, NY, December 26, 2022 – Actasys, Inc, a leader in safeguarding sensor functionality in real-world applications, announced today that they have entered into a collaboration with sensor glass solutions developer Wideye, a subsidiary of AGC Group, to jointly pursue automotive industry customers and provide comprehensive, high-efficiency sensor cleaning solutions for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) and AV (autonomous vehicle) applications.


As the industry advances to higher ADAS levels, the need for hi-fidelity sensor data increases, and reliable perception must be maintained under all weather conditions. Combining Wideye’s unique glass and coating solutions with Actasys’s Total Perception™ sensor cleaning solution draws on the strengths of both companies to provide vision sensors on ADAS-equipped vehicles with protection from environmental conditions such as rain, road splatter, mud, and snow. Through this cooperation, Wideye and Actasys intend to set the standard for quality and high-performance sensor cleaning packages.


Acceleration in the integration of multiple high-performance sensors into a vehicle also parallel the growing emphasis on platform efficiency.  Therefore, the need for highly effective and energy-efficient cleaning solutions becomes critical. The synergistic effect of combining Actasys’s electric, air-based cleaning system with Wideye’s low-tension high-quality glass cover significantly lowers the power and cleaning fluid consumption required to remove contamination from sensor covers as compared to existing cleaning systems.


“For cleaning to be both efficient and effective, both the cleaning system and the cover surface itself need to cooperate. The outcome the automotive industry is looking for is a robust and continuous cleaning performance that is low on power consumption and that provides an immediate and effective response when function loss is detected, especially while driving on the highway” said Actasys’ CEO, Miles Flamenbaum. “For this reason, it was clear that the synergy between Actasys and Wideye was a natural step for our companies and for the industry.”


Actasys and Wideye will jointly present details on their collaboration project at CES 2023 in Las Vegas January 5 – 8, 2023.


About Actasys Inc.

The future of mobility depends on vision sensors to keep us safe. Actasys’ mission is to enable vision sensors to function optimally under all weather, environmental, and operating conditions. To maintain high fidelity data and reduce maintenance costs, Actasys provides innovative hardware for sensor cooling and cleaning combined with proprietary software to solve three critical sensor needs – enable visibility in all weather conditions, always maintain thermal stability, and monitor and support sensor health. This holistic approach to sensor optimization results in real-time and lifecycle performance improvements and increases lifetime value for our customers. Actasys has multiple product development partnerships with leading automotive and transportation companies and is backed by prominent automotive and mobility investors the Volvo Cars Tech Fund and Next Gear Ventures.

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