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The 'total visibility' solution for advanced autonomous sensors

Truly safe ADAS and autonomous driving applications require a true understanding of a vehicle’s surroundings. 

The sensors available on the market today are closing in on a level of power and precision that borders on superpowers; yet, every sensor has an Achilles’ Heel. Physical obstructions, thermal imbalances, and misalignments can cause sensors to falter or fail – rendering even the most advanced technologies useless, and threatening automotive safety. 

To ensure true road safety, we require total sensor visibility – both in terms of sensors being able to ‘see’ their surroundings free of environmental obstructions and in terms of ‘knowing’ in real time that a vehicle’s sensors are fully operational and working in alignment.

Actasys is a comprehensive hardware/software solution for sensor functionality and peace of mind, delivering the conditions that sensors require to function while providing the knowledge needed to optimize design, operation, and maintenance processes today, and down the road.


David Menicovich PhD

CoFounder CEO

Board and Advisors

Tal Cohen

PhD , Next Gear Ventures Board Member

Prof. Michael Amitay

PhD, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Cofounder

Miles Flamenbaum

Board Member

Dana Taigman Koren

Q-fund Ventures, Board Observer

Gilad Gans

Business Executive

Pratik Budhdev

Volvo Cars Tech Fund, Board Observer


Julie Beresford

Office Manager

Yoav Gour-Lavie

VP of Business Development


VP of Manufacturing

Anthony Mickalauskas

VP of Product

Advitya Paytal

Head of Actuator Design and Development

Jasmine Hien

Head of Embedded Electronics

Syed Walid

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