Actasys To Launch First Units This Spring, Is Featured On Time Warner Cable News

According to recent estimates, the trucking industry accounts for nearly 13 percent of all the fuel purchased in the United States. For years, drivers have used many tactics to lower fuel consumption, but now a breakthrough, right in our backyard. In this week’s Capital Region Business Beat, Jon Dougherty shows us how Actasys plans to revolutionize the trucking industry.

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StartUp Directory: Actasys Set To Transform Transportation Industry

Lowering fuel consumption is a major concern for fleet operators of Class 8 trucks (tractor-trailers). One current solution is adding trailer skirts, wheel caps, nose cones, vortex generators or TrailerTails® to their trucks – all products designed to reduce aerodynamic drag. Actasys however, has developed a new product that promises to be a game-changer; it can improve the aerodynamic performance of a truck virtually, without changing its actual shape.

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Report By Times Union: Price Chopper Is Set To Join Actasys In Product Testing

A technology initially aimed at making jetliners more efficient by directing the flow of air may someday help the Price Chopper supermarket chain and other shippers squeeze more mileage out of delivery trucks. Developed at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, small devices called air-jet actuators are part of $4.3 million in state research funding announced this week for 17 different projects across the state meant to reduce the enviromental footprint of trucks, cars, trains, subways and airports.

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